"Any aggression in Kosovo is aggression against NATO"

KFOR Commander Italian General Salvatore Cuoci says any aggression in Kosovo would essentially be an aggression against NATO.

Source: Beta

"In principle KFOR is NATO, and as long as KFOR is here any aggression (towards Kosovo) will be an aggression towards KFOR and NATO," Kouci said in an interview with Pristina daily Zeri.

He believes that despite the attempts of Russia's political influence in Kosovo, which is part of any country's international policies, he does not see a realistic threat of Russia toward Kosovo.

The commander of the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo expressed readiness for KFOR to, if necessary, assist Kosovo authorities in arresting suspects when the special war crimes chamber for war crimes committed by top commanders of the former Kosovo Liberation Army raises its indictments.

Cuoci said that the task and responsibility of KFOR was to ensure security in case of indictments, arrests, possible protests and in case the Kosovo police was unable to control the situation.

"In such situations, we are ready to act, because it is part of our mission," said the KFOR commander.

Speaking about the arrest of the director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric, Cuoci said that "perhaps the brutal force of the Kosovo police could have been avoided.”


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