"Vucic promised Kosovo in UN, must figure out how to do it"

Opposition NS party leader Vuk Jeremic says President Aleksandar Vucic "promised Kosovo to Americans" - but has the problem of not knowing how to deliver on it.

Source: Tanjug
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

According to a statement published by the former Serbian foreign minister's party, "the only thing that doesn't suit Vucic is the US demand to give Kosovo a UN chair."

"Americans are demanding that Vucic takes Kosovo into the UN and are pressuring him to, by signing a so-called agreement on comprehensive normalization of relations with Pristina, practically ask Russia not to block that in the UN Security council," Jeremic told a gathering in Novi Sad.

Jeremic also claims that Vucic tried to offer "an exchange of territory" - but was turned down.

"And he was turned down because he has already promised Kosovo in the UN," the statement said.


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