Ridiculous statements, they're testing our strength - Dacic

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has described statements saying that the ZSO would be formed in accordance with Kosovo's laws as "ridiculous."

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(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

That was something heard from an EU spokesperson earlier in the week.

"It would be the same if the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina annulled parts of the Dayton Agreement, it's ridiculous, they are measuring how firm we are," the minister told RTS, and said that Serbia's position is clear - and that there would be no compromise and no dilemmas about the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo.

The formation of the ZSO is part of the 2013 EU-brokered Brussels agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

Dacic also stressed said that he thinks the talks about a permanent solution for Kosovo and Metohija are in their initial phase, stating that the dialogue that is currently ongoing concerns on technical issues, that there are many problems, and once again observed that Pristina "would agree to a partition of Kosovo - with the help of its mentors."

According to him, Pristina does not want to talk about a lasting solution, because it believes that that has already been achieved.

"They think that we will do anything to become part of the European Union," Dacic said, and when asked whether this means that Serbia "would not do anything asked of it to be part of the EU," he replied: "This is my personal opinion, we will see if the EU will survive by 2025."


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