"EU membership depends on solving disputes with neighbors"

EU Delegation to Serbia head Sem Fabrizi says the perspective of candidate countries will also depend on definitive solutions to disputes with neighbors.

Source: Beta

In addition, Fabrizi said, presenting the new EU strategy for the Western Balkans to the members of the Foreign Investors Council, membership will depend on the strong political will, and implementation of real and sustainable reforms.

Fabrizi recalled that Serbia and Montenegro are the only two countries in the region with whom the accession negotiations are largely in progress and that the strategy clearly defines that the EU's door is open for further accession when individual countries meet the criteria, the Foreign Investors Council said.

"A credible prospect of enlargement requires constant efforts and irreversible reforms. Progress on the European path is a process related to goals and their fulfillment. The path of Serbia to the EU is in the national and state interest of Serbia," he stressed.


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