Justice Ministry stands by proposed changes to Constitution

Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic says the working text of the amendments to the Constitution will not be withdrawn from the debate.

Source: Tanjug

This was previously requested by some professional associations.

Kuburovic added that after March 8, the text will be corrected in accordance with the objections it received and European standards, and then sent to the Venice Commission, which will provide an opinion.

The minister spoke during the final round table within the second round of the public debate on the constitutional amendments proposed by the Ministry of Justice.

Kuburovic stated that the opinion of the profession is important when it comes to amending the Constitution, but that it is not the only one because the Constitution is the highest legal act in which all citizens are interested.

She noted that the aim of amending the Constitution of Serbia is to achieve the independence of the judiciary, but that on this path the constitutional principles of the division of power into executive, legislative and judicial should not be forgotten.

She responded in detail to all criticisms coming from the public and the professionals regarding the proposed amendments, pointing out that the final word on amending the Constitution will be given to citizens in a referendum.

The minister noted that the constitutional law will also be adopted that will define the deadlines for adopting new judicial laws in accordance with constitutional changes.


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