"Draw line between us and Greater Albania in Kosovo"

Greater Albania is the biggest threat to peace in the Balkans, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Monday.

Source: Tanjug
Aleksandar Vulin (MoD)
Aleksandar Vulin (MoD)

According to Vulin, the idea of all Albanians living in one state and having one president is "proof of Greater Albania" - and it must be stopped.

Commenting on a statement made by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama - that Albania and Kosovo should have "a common foreign and security policy and president" - the Serbian minister reiterated that the expansion of Greater Albania must be stopped in Kosovo and Metohija.

"Precisely for that reason, I am proposing that delineation between us and Greater Albania must be established in Kosovo and Metohija, where its expansion must be stopped," Vulin said in a written statement cited by Tanjug.

"Everyone must know and understand - if the Albanians are saying they will have a single foreigh policy or one president, it will be very difficult to explain, for example, to the Serbs, that they don't have one president or one foreign policy, since we (Serbs) also live in several states in the Balkans," said Vulin, adding that "Greaten Albania must be stopped."

He described this expansionist nationalist Albanian project as "a major threat to security and peace to all Balkan nations," adding that the international community "must show how determined it is to preserve peace in the Balkans - and if it is not able to say or or do it, then we who live in the Balkans will have to say that are very concerned about peace and stability."

"Great Albania must finally, after centuries, be stopped in its expansion. I believe that Kosovo and Metohija is the right place for Greater Albania to be stopped," said the Minister of Defense.

Another Serbian cabinet minister, Nenand Popovic, reacted to Rama's statement to say that it was an act hostile towards Serbia.

The SNP party leader said in a press release that Rama should be declared persona non grata because of this hostile act and his support to the break-up of Serbia, and to creating "Greater Albania" on our soil.

Popovic also believes that a strongly-worded protest should be handed to Albania's ambassador in Belgrade.

"This (Rama's) statement, made in Pristina, in Serbian Kosovo, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the unconstitutional decision to secede made by the Siptar (Albanian) separatists, points to a clear and unequivocal plan to create the so-called Greater Albania in the Balkans, and on Serbian soil," Popovic said.


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