"Ivanovic reported those who endangered him to BIA"

Rada Trajkovic says Oliver Ivanovic reported people that posed danger to him to the Security Information Agency (BIA).

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(screen capture, file)
(screen capture, file)

According to Trajkovic, who is the leader of the European Movement of Serbs from Kosovo, Ivanovic, a Serb politician from northern Kosovo who was shot dead in January, also conveyed his concerns to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the international community.

She Thursday's edition of Belgrade-based daily Danas that Ivanovic had informed BIA, Vucic and the international community about his suspicions two or three days before the murder, when he was "going around all institutions in Belgrade."

"We do not have a single statement today, for example, from the president of Serbia, who had information from the director of the BIA (Bratislav) Gasic and his service about the people to which Oliver was pointing out. On the other hand, the story is about the shell casings, which are because of fingerprints very important for the investigation, speaks about the lack of seriousness of the investigation when it comes to the desire and determination to truly arrive at those who are involved in the crime," Trajkovic said.

She "does not expect the Belgrade and Pristina authorities to come out with the names of the killers" and does not to believe that "the names" involved in Ivanovic's murder will become known "until the ruling structures on both sides remain in power, unless there an international factor is present as well - which depends on its interest to blackmail both (Belgrade and Pristina)."

"The authorities in Belgrade keep Thaci and Haradinaj in power. They are interconnected by various businesses - transparent and non-transparent projects, for which reason they will make greater effort to preserve each other. Between them is also that mafia that was creating this ambiance in the North, and continuously endangered Ivanovic through physical abuse of the family, burning of cars, threats and a number of things that Oliver spoke about," Trajkovic said.

She added that Albanians "do not have much information about what is happening in the north of Kosovo, because the structures are mostly Serb and they forward reports to Belgrade."

Ivanovic was killed on January 16 in front of his GI SDP party headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica. Two policemen were later arrested for manipulating evidence (shell casings) from the scene, but the court said it had no grounds to impose detention for up to 30 days, so they were released.


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