"I have warm memories of our meeting," Putin tells Vucic

President Vladimir Putin says Russian-Serbian relations are at a high level, with political dialogue and fruitful cooperation expanding in different areas.

Source: Tanjug

"Russian-Serbian relations, based on old traditions of friendship and spiritual closeness, are at a high level. Political dialogue and fruitful cooperation are expanding in different areas," Putin said in a letter sent to President Aleksandar Vucic on the occasion of February 15, Serbia's Statehood Day.

"I have warm memories of our recent meeting in Moscow, the constructive and meaningful talks, and I count on continued work together to further improve the overall complex of bilateral relations, to benefit the brotherly peoples of our countries. I wish you, Mr. President, good health and successes, and to all citizens of Serbia - well-being and prosperity," Putin's message, delivered to Vucic on Wednesday by Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin, said, the presidential press service announced.

Vucic and Chepurin spoke today and agreed that the upcoming visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, marking the 180th anniversary of the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Russia, will produce "strong confirmation of the firm friendship between the two countries, and determine priorities of future cooperation."

Chepurin pointed out that Vucic's official visit to Croatia earlier in the week was important for the Serbs living there, and that he expects it to reflect on the improvement of their position.

Vucic said he was grateful to the Russian ambassador in Croatia for attending the Great National Assembly of the Serb National Council, held in Zagreb on Tuesday evening - "thus expressing (Russia's) care for the position of the Serbs (in Croatia)."

The two interlocutors also discussed the possibility of increasing economic cooperation between Serbia and Russia, given the improvement of economic indicators in both countries.

They assessed that the forthcoming meeting of the Intergovernmental Mixed Committee for Cooperation of the two countries will give a strong impetus to overall economic relations, the statement said.


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