"Vucic plans to trade Kosovo for audience with Merkel"

People's Party leader Vuk Jeremic says President Aleksandar Vucic is not capable of reaching a favorable compromise deal on Kosovo and Metohija.

Source: Beta
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(screen capture, file)

According to the former foreign minister, Vucic is "preparing to allow Pristina to get a chair in the UN, at the request of foreigners, and in return get only a one-day visit to German Chancellor Angela Merkel."

"Achieving a compromise solution about Kosovo and Metohija is a very complicated situation, and it is not enough to just talk to the Albanians and decide to give up everything they are demanding. The only model of Vucic's negotiations with the Albanians is them demanding something, he giving them that, and then asking foreigners not to touch him when he, for example, turns off the media light in Serbia," the Jeremic told Nasha TV.

Beta is reporting, citing his party, that the opposition politician also said the process "has come to its end, and must end" - because foreigners are demanding a UN chair for Kosovo from Vucic - "and he is getting ready to hand that over, by preparing the public for such an outcome through the media."

"It would not have to be that way. The whole issue of the future of European integration of the Western Balkans has had a question mark put on it by Spain's letter, which completely relativized the position of Kosovo in joining the European Union," Jeremic said.

He pointed out that "if Vucic had a grain of diplomatic experience and wisdom, the situation created after the letter could very much be used to make the final compromise between Belgrade and Pristina - that he strives to achieve quickly - far better than is currently anticipated."

Jeremic then "specified" that it was "currently envisaged that Serbia signs an interstate agreement with Kosovo, under which Kosovo would get a chair in the UN, while Vucic could get a one-day visit to Angela Merkel."


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