Kosovo Assembly sends proposal to abolish KLA court to govt.

The Presidency of the Kosovo Assembly has decided to send a proposal to abolish the Specialist Chambers (special court) to the government.

Source: Beta
(EPA, file, illustration purposes)
(EPA, file, illustration purposes)

The court has been set up to deal with the alleged war crimes committed by former top ranking members of the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army").

The government is expected to give its opinion and put into procedure this proposal, signed by 42 members of the Assembly.

The head of the opposition Self-Determination party's parliamentary group, Glauk Konjufca, confirmed this on Monday, Beta reported.

"Now (the law) is in the hands of the government," Konjufca said.

Representatives of the opposition Democratic League of Kosovo disagreed with the decision and left the session today.

The Kosovo government should now evaluate the proposal to abolish the court and, if it agrees with it, support the draft law proposed by Assembly members, or to prepare a new draft.

The government also has the right to, if it assesses that the proposal is detrimental to the interests of Kosovo, propose to the Assembly not to adopt it.

On December 22, 42 Assembly members signed a request to hold an extraordinary session to discuss passing a law to abolish the court, Beta reported, adding that there had been no quorum during the previous three sessions of the Kosovo Assembly Presidency.

The initiative is being strongly opposed by the embassies of the "Quint" countries (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, US) and the head of the EU office in Pristina.


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