If KLA committed crimes, so have US and NATO, says ex KLA

Nasim Haradinaj, the vice president of an association gathering KLA veterans, says the US ambassador in Pristina is "a buffoon."

Source: Tanjug
KLA insignia with its Albanian language initials, 'UCK' (Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
KLA insignia with its Albanian language initials, 'UCK' (Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

Pristina-based Albanian language media are reporting this, adding that Haradinaj "confirmed" that he made insulting statements about Greg Delawie.

Haradinaj told TV Klan Kosova that the ambassador "violated the diplomatic code when he pressured members of the Kosovo Assembly not to vote in favor of abolishing the special court."

"Greg Delawie is the worst image of the US. I'm not apologizing for that statement. When he apologizes for attacking the parliament, I will apologize to him. Who is he for me to apologize? I have no reason to apologize," he said, and "confirmed" that he referred to the US representative as a buffoon - "because that's what he is."

"It' not in the diplomatic code to be a diplomat and act like a peasant and tell people what to do," said Haradinaj, and "stressed that Delawie accused the KLA of committing crimes."

"In that way, he accused both the US and NATO. A friendly state should remain friendly. It should not violate democratic rules," he said, adding, "Delawie and all our friends can give us advice, but they can't pressure us."

The daily Koha Ditore observed that Haradinaj "doesn't seem to regret making his comment - although it has been condemned by Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj and Assembly President Kadri Veseli, who distanced themselves from it."

"I never apologize, I have already expressed my opinion. I felt insulted when Delawie entered the parliament and acted that way. That is in fact a violation of the Constitution," Nasim Haradinaj told the newspaper's online edition.

Previously, the US ambassador made his "final warning" to Kosovo Albanian political leaders - Ramush Haradinaj, Hashim Thaci, and Kadri Veseli - regarding their intention to abolish the Specialist Chambers for war crimes committed in Kosovo and Metohija by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Tanjug reported on Friday.

Delawie told them that if they went through with the idea, they would face "certain consequences."

According to the Pristina-based Gazeta Express website, Thaci, Veseli, and Haradinaj "faced a serious threat from the US ambassador" as the Kosovo Assembly Presidency was to meet on Wednesday, to consider the topic of abolishing the court.

The Presidency's meeting never took place. The website writes that Delawie "used harsh language" during his coversation with the Kosovo politicians, among other things warning they would "not go unpunished" and would "fare like the Milosevic regime" if they abolished the court.


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