Kosovo is now "very safe, but fragile" - KFOR commander

KFOR Commander Salvatore Cuoci says the situation in Kosovo is at this time "stable, but fragile."

Source: Tanjug

The Italian general told the Vienna daily Kronen Zeitung that it is currently "very safe."

"Much depends on whether people here want change. Primarily the youth does that," Cuoci has been quoted as saying.

When the interviewer said that "there are many fighters from the Balkans in the ranks of Islamic State" and when asked "what KFOR can do about this issue," he said it was "true that Kosovo has a large number of 'foreign fighters'" - that is, returnees from the war in Syria.

"We train and support local security forces and monitor the situation," Cuoci explained.

The returnees, according to Cuoci, are a danger to "our western society" - but, as he added, this is not only a problem in Kosovo.


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