Opposition MP mistakenly tweets link to porn movie

Opposition DJB Movement leader Sasa Radulovic has spoken in defense of one of his close associates, who mistakenly tweeted a link to a pornographic site.

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Sasa Radulovic (Tanjug, file)
Sasa Radulovic (Tanjug, file)

Dusan Pavlovic, a member of the Serbian National Assembly ("people's deputy") from the Enough is Enough Movement (DJB), over the weekend posted a message on Twitter about the state budget bill for 2018 - along with a link to the 1981 French pornographic film The Arrangement.

The text of the tweet published by Pavlovic, a professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, read as follows:

"Budget 2018. Next year we will pay 18 billion dinars in fines and penalties. We are 'saving' nearly as much on salaries and pensions. In debate with Minister Stefanovic we found out that nobody knows what the fines are being paid for."

But as Pavlovic also posted the link that led to the xHamster pornographic website, an explicit image showing two young women having sex accompanied the message.

Pavlovic quickly deleted the tweet, but it had already spread around the social network. In an attempt to put out the flames, he tweeted again - this time, what he termed "The Arrangement (1981), 18+ poll".

He asked his follower to choose between these answers: "I like it; I don't like it; I'm still reading the budget."

The following morning, Sasa Radulovic stood in defense of his colleague, tweeting that the time had come for him to "confirm something from the mudoids" - and linking to a story published by the tabloid Informer, that said Pavlovic had been "tweeting about the budget while watching porn involving underage gay Czech girls."

"Dusan is a man of utmost trust," Radulovic wrote. "The DJB truly often comes across as being too serious, sometimes trying and boring. But the state is serious business. And yes, sometimes we watch some Arrangement, year of choice."

Radulovic went on two post three more messages on this subject, before moving on to the budget.

"And I understand of course that the moralizing SNS (people's) deputies and also their Twitter bots watch only culture shows on Pink. All our male and female deputies are made of flesh and blood, even our four PhDs in the Assembly. At least their doctorates are real. And it's true: the DJB is hard, difficult, persistent, 'too' rational, sounds technocratic and professorial, often comes across as stubborn and boring. We manage as best we can in this mud that we have entered and we fight for our idea to win," wrote Radulovic.


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