EU "closely monitoring Serbia's south"

Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Serbia Sem Fabrizi said in Bujanovac on Monday that the Union was very closely monitoring Serbia's south.

Source: Beta

Beta reported that Fabrizi also said it was very important to implement the Seven Point Plan, which the Serbian government passed in June, 2013, at the proposal of the Albanian parties from Bujanovac and Presevo.

Fabrizi said after a meeting with Bujanovac Mayor Saip Kamberi that the Union would support the Plan and a dialogue between the Serbian government and Albanian political representatives from Bujanovac and Presevo.

"This is my first visit to Bujanovac, and I'm glad I'm able to hear different opinions. It is with special attention that the EU has been monitoring political developments in this area, and it's very important to continue to respect the rights of ethnic minorities. Speaking more broadly, all of us in the EU are ethnic minorities, and we need to create an environment for everyone to feel respected and at home," Fabrizi said.

The EU ambassador also said that "the fact that May 9 is celebrated as the Day of Bujanovac shows that the town is committed to joining the EU, because that's a very important day for the Union, too the Day of Europe."

The Bujanovac mayor told reporters that the local self-government was committed to the development of the municipality and minority rights, and that he was aware that both could be achieved within the EU integration process.

"I've asked the ambassador to encourage the Serbian government to support the Seven Point Plan, designed to develop the rights of Albanians, based on national and EU legislation, in order to create a situation in which the minorities feel comfortable, and be able to exercise their rights," Kamberi said.

Kamberi said that the local authorities were also interested in the new EU program, EU-Pro, starting in 2018. The program has been designed to provide grants from the EU funds to improve the standards of living for Bujanovac's citizens.


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