Serbian MPs throw computer mice, threaten each other/VIDEO

An incident occurred on Tuesday in Belgrade, during a session of the Serbian National Assembly's Committee on Administrative Issues.

Source: B92
(screen capture)
(screen capture)

Bosko Obradovic, who heads the group of people's deputies (members of the Serbian Assembly) from the opposition Dveri Movement, threw a computer mouse at the Committee's chairman, Aleksandar Martinovic of the ruling SNS.

Obradovic reacted in this way when Martinovic, who also heads the SNS group in the Assembly, prevented him from speaking - after the opposition deputy showed the Committee a poster reading "Maja - you have robbed Novi Sad."

This refers to Maja Gojkovic - an SNS official who currently serves as president of the National Assembly, and was in the past Novi Sad's mayor.

Obradovic and Martinovic then engaged in a verbal discussion, leading to Obradovic at one point approaching Martinovic and pushing his microphone away.

"You can't be doing this to me Martinovic, what does this mean. Did you see that three deputies have asked to speak? Wait, you can't see that three deputies have asked to speak? What's your act? Do you take us all for fools here," Obradovic asked.

At this point, video footage showed Martinovic answering his phone. Obradovic reacted by taking a mouse attached to Martinovic's laptop and throwing it in his direction.

The device failed to hit Martinovic in the first attempt - as it was held back by its cable - but Obradovic took another swing. It is not clearly visible what happened at this point - but it looks like the mouse caught Martinovic in the face.

The SNS official then stood up, as did other members of the Committee, and, pointing his finger at Obradovic, said: "You cannot get me provoked in the Assembly."

And then he added: "But when you leave here, you'll pay for this."

"Let's do it here. I'll pay? Here, let them record, let them record your threats," Obradovic replied.

Prior to the incident, the Committee discussed admonishments and money fines to be paid by opposition deputies, Obradovic among them, for their conduct during a session of the Assembly.

Other members of the Committee from both sides got involved in verbal exchanges, but the meeting eventually convened despite the incident and passed a decision to adopt the proposed measures, while Obradovic and Martinovic resumed their altercation in the hall, that at times seemed like it would turn into a physical showdown.

This was the latest in a series of incidents witnessed in the Serbian Assembly over the past several months.


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