"We can't join EU without binding document with Pristina"

The EU "will not allow Serbia to become a full member without a legally binding document at the end of the process of normalizing relations with Pristina."

Source: Tanjug

"You need to carry out a normalization of the situation, as they put it," Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday, according to Tanjug, and added that, "whatever the interpretation, that is what the EU expects."

"It's not a recognition, nobody speaks it that way. They speak between the lines, but not in that way - but this is what I can tell you," Vucic told reporters in Arandjelovac.

He said that he was satisfied with yesterday's meetings in Brussels, where Prime Minister Ana Brnabic will travel today, and added that "such meetings are important because we have a big problem ahead of us and we will not be able to become a member of the EU without drastic changes in our attitude, our and overall attitude towards Kosovo and Metohija."


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