"We should cooperate with NATO because of Serbs in Kosovo"

Serbia needs cooperation with NATO for the sake of the security of Serbs in Kosovo, says Miroslav Lazanski.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This member of the Serbian Assembly from the ruling SNS, and Politika daily columnist, stressed that he was "yet to see a single statement, including from NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, about Serbia having to join NATO."

"NATO is in a way guarding a certain degree of security of Serbs in Kosovo. We must cooperate with NATO, whether we want it or not, because they are guarantors that there will be no violence against Serbs in the southern Serbian province - at least not open ,and on a mass scale ," Lazanski told TV Pink on Wednesday.

Speaking about President Aleksandar Vucic's trip to Brussels today, he noted that Vucic would meet not only with Stoltenberg, but also with 29 NATO ambassadors, to whom he will speak about the situation in Kosovo.

But the journalist stressed that there are "no explicit demands" for Serbia to join NATO - and that this was rather a case of "spinning done by certain politicians and media, in the context of 'sitting on two chairs'."

"We never received an ultimatum from relevant NATO circles that Serbia must join, rather it can be heard in media that everyone around us is in NATO," said Lazanski.

Speaking about "the claims that the alliance is irked by the Serbia-Russia cooperation," Lazanski asked "how come they don't mind Nord Stream 2 (gas pipeline), that is, the Germany-Russia cooperation?," and added that Germany has "200,000 citizens who work in Russia."

"I've not heard from any official source that they mind the cooperation between Serbia and Russia," he said, and assessed that "this thesis is being planted in a way, in the context of the overall campaign being conducted via some NGOs and media, tasked with spinning."

According to Lazanski, NATO also has no reason to object to Serbia acquiring Russian military equipment, since countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and others, also have it.


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