Serbia wants to join civilian peacekeeping missions

Defense Ministry and Serbian Army members are participating in ten peacekeeping missions, under the command of the UN and the EU, says Aleksandar Vulin.


The Serbian defense minister added that it was "time for Serbia to start considering participation in civilian missions next year."

Vulin, who spoke at a conference on the establishment of a system for the participation of civilian experts in multinational operations of the OSCE, EU and UN, also said that his ministry "has strong and profound experience in peacekeeping missions."

According to the Serbian government, he "stressed that from the first to the last mission today, under UN or EU rule, Serbia confirms how much its army is respected and capable" and "pointed out that at this moment members of the Ministry and the Army are in ten peace missions, six under the command of the UN and four under the command of the EU, and 341 members of the Army and the Ministry are in the area from Cyprus to the Central African Republic."

The ministry will send 700 members of the ministry and the Serbian Army to peace missions next year, Vulin announced.

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia Sem Fabrizi said that Serbia has become a significant EU partner in the security and defense sector and significantly contributes to a common security policy.


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