"Moscow sent clear message that EU road is impossible"

Opposition LDP leader Cedomir Jovanovic says Moscow, has, via Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin, clearly told Serbia that the European path is impossible.

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Apparently referring to Chepurin's interview, where he said too much importance had been assigned to a recent visit by a US State Department official, Jovanovic said:

"Ambassador Chepurin's statement is another pressure from Moscow, which no longer hides its true intentions towards Serbia and its citizens. Destabilization of the region, support for nationalists, and the return to the 1990s is the Russian platform that is supposed to serve for a showdown with the West, contrary to Serbia's interests."

Jovanovic assessed that after the failed coup in Montenegro and Macedonia's announced entry into NATO, Serbia remains the last opportunity for Moscow in the Balkans to endanger the interests of those with whom it is in conflict, thereby preventing Serbia's integration with Europe.

"This represents the most dangerous threat to date to the democratization of our society and demands a faster connection of those forces that understand that a break with the idea that Serbian interests are realized by sacrificing in the name of anyone, even Russia, is closely connected with the question of survival of the idea of a ​​modern, European Serbia," he said, according to Beta.

Jovanovic assessed that Russia is using the crises in Kosovo and in Bosnia-Herzegovina to push the entire region into instability, which would forever close Serbia's opportunity to build a society based on respect for democracy, human and minority rights and freedoms.

"We must as soon as possible take steps that tie us closer to the European Union, open a dialogue in the society about the unsustainability of the concept of military neutrality, and in alliance with NATO, seek the opportunity to solve the issue of the country's security," Jovanovic said, adding that too much time was lost on divisions in society.

According to him, these divisions describe Serbia as the last country in Europe, which, wandering between Brussels, Moscow and Washington, marginalizes itself and is disappearing under the burden of backwardness.


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