"What kind of signal is Serbia sending to EU?"

The Norwegian ambassador in Belgrade has told Blic in an interview that the debate about "the chairs" Serbia is sitting on distracts from important topics.

Source: Blic

Arne Sannes Bjornstad says that instead, Serbia should ask itself what kind of signal it is sending to the European Union.

He said that Serbia should sit on its own chair and that this was exactly what high-ranking US official Hoyt Brian Yee meant, too, during his recent official visit to Belgrade, when he said Serbia cannot sit in two chairs if wants to join the EU, and raised a lot of dust in the domestic public, writes the newspaper.

"That public debate about chairs represents a mere distraction from the important choices that Serbia should make if it is serious about EU accession and improvement of the living standards of its citizens," Bjornstad said, and emphasized that the most significant choice was already made by applying for EU membership.

When asked to comment on the strong statements made by Yee, which officials in Serbia assessed as threats and pressure, Bjornstad says he was not involved in the meeting between Yee and Vucic, but assumes that the American diplomat stated the obvious.

"If Serbia wants to integrate economically with the countries of the EU, it will have to harmonize its policies and legislation with them, that is, implement EU policies and legislation. That is not a threat, it's merely stating the obvious. If you want to join the club you must accept membership conditions," the Norwegian ambassador said.


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