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Belgrade Liberation Day celebrated/PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The presentation of a part of Serbian Army's operative capabilities took place on Friday at the military airport Batajnica, near the Serbian capital.

Source: B92, Tanjug
A paratrooper carries the flag of the City of Belgrade (Screen capture)

The event, "Freedom 2017," marked the anniversary of the liberation of German-occupied Belgrade in the Second World War, carried out by the Yugoslav People's Army and the Red Army.

The ceremony started with the sounding of Serbia's national anthem, followed by President Aleksandar Vucic reviewing the VS Guards, and receiving their report.

One of the MiG-29s donated by Russia, now in service in the Serbian Air Force (Tanjug)

For the first time since they arrived, the six MiG-29s that Russia recently donated to Serbia have been shown to the public at Batajnica.

The official handover ceremony for the warplanes would also held today, Tanjug said ahead of the event.

(Screen capture)

Numerous citizens arrived to the airport, where they were able to see more than 2,200 Serbian soldiers, and more than 130 different military vehicles, 30 airplanes and helicopters, while Serbia's defense industry presented 40 different armament and equipment projects currently being worked on.

Strizhi (Tanjug)

Russian Aerospace Forces' MiG-29 display group Strizhi also took part in the show today, presenting a special program outside of Russia.


President Aleksandar Vucic, who was present at Batajnica, on Thursday invited citizens to come and see "a different Serbian Army."

Other guests included Serbia's top state and military leadership, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Serb Republic President Milorad Dodik, and members of the diplomatic corps.

(Screen capture)

As part of the event at Batajnica today, special forces demonstrated an operation to free an airplane held by terrorists.

Under the scenario, specialized teams used a fuel tank truck as a disguise to approach the aircraft and storm it - after negotiations with the terrorists inside failed.

Next, the airplane was searched and an explosive device was discovered. The device was then safely destroyed.

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