Serbia looks to replace half of its ambassadors abroad

About 30 ambassadors representing Serbia abroad should be replaced in the next few months, the daily Politika writes on Friday.

Source: Beta

They are currently among those serving in the country's 69 embassies and seven diplomatic missions - to the EU, NATO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN in New York and Geneva.

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are nine vacant ambassadorial spots at this time covered by charge d'affairs: in Serbian embassies in Britain, Zambia, Iraq, Italy, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The ministry told the newspaper that the names of the newly appointed ambassadors are not made public until the president signs a decree, in accordance with diplomatic customs and for security reasons.

According to Politika's sources from diplomatic circles, ambassadors who will be replaced have spent a long time in their posts and are about to retire, while Serbian diplomats in neighboring countries should be replaced next year, because their four-year terms will soon expire - since they were appointed in 2013.

The source also said that ambassadors who will represent Serbia in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia, Albania, Turkey, Austria, Ukraine, Russia and UN missions in New York and Geneva are currently being sought.

Last month, Ognjen Pribicevic was recalled from the post of Serbia's ambassador to Great Britain, while Dragana Ivanovic was recalled a few days ago from Denmark.


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