Serbian defense minister visits CSTO HQ in Moscow

Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar met on Monday in Moscow with Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov.

Source: B92

The meeting, held at the CSTO headquarters, considered the possibilities and perspectives of future cooperation, while Vulin and Khachaturov "exchanged stances" on current security and political situation in the region and in the world.

Shortly before his trip to the Russian capital, Vulin was on Friday in Brussels, visiting the NATO headquarters, where he met with NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller.

Speaking on Monday, Vulin stressed that his ministry, the Serbian government, and the country's president and commander in chief of the armed forces, Aleksandar Vulin, are conducting a policy of military neutrality.

"Today, I informed our hosts from CSTO that Serbia does not intend to become a member of CSTO, as it does not intend to become a member of NATO, but that it has a great desire to deepen its cooperation with CSTO and all of its member states," he said.

"All CSTO members support the principled position of the Republic of Serbia when it comes to their stance toward Kosovo and Metohija, and of course, I thanked them for that particularly. As far as military cooperation is concerned, it was agreed that it should be deepening, that it should continue under conditions of reciprocity, under conditions of mutual respect, respect for mutual interests and, of course, respecting the military neutrality of the Republic of Serbia as our fundamental and principled foreign policy position," Vulin said.

He emphasized that all CSTO member states "strongly support such a policy of the Republic of Serbia and are ready to work with us to develop our relations."

"The government of the Republic of Serbia wants to work with all friends, wants to continue with the same policy, just as it wants to make its knowledge available to others in the future. We discussed our cooperation in the field of military education, joint activities, and we are sure that we will continue like that in the future," said Vulin.


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