"Pristina has money, and Western muscles at its disposal"

The vote on Kosovo's UNESCO bid will not be easy for Serbia, but it will certainly not be easy for them, either, President Aleksandar Vucic has told O2 TV.

Source: B92, O2, Filip Cukanovic

As he said, Kosovo's leaders continued lobbying during the UN General Assembly in New York, and apart from money, they also have "other other people's muscles" at their disposal.

"First of all, they have the muscles of the big Western powers that have supported Kosovo's independence. We have managed to cope with them so far, I never underestimate them, but I will not overestimate them, either," Vucic said.

Speaking about the claim of the deputy prime minister of Kosovo, who said Pristina has secured enough votes "for UNESCO" - Vucic said it comes at a time when Serbia is talking about an attempt to find a solution in Kosovo and Metohija - and "shows that some in the world and in the region are not sincere and would like to put Serbia before a fait accompli."

"They're trying to say, 'we've received everything, you're left with accepting what we finished, some in 1999, some in 2004, some in 2008'. I don't think our situation is as bad as they'd like to present it, nor that theirs is that good," said Vucic.

Asked about his meetings in New York and about the upcoming visits of Donald Trump and Emanuel Macron to Serbia, Vucic told O2 that the presidents of France and the United States will come to Belgrade - but not before "the Serbian MiGs" - i.e., the warplanes that Russia has donated to Serbia and that are yet to be delivered.

"First of all, those are Serbian, not Russian MiGs, and they will arrive before both Macron and Trump. And before either of them do, Turkish President Erdogan will," Vucic said.


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