Kosovo: Special police detain Serb Red Cross officials

Members of the special police in Kosovo, Rosu, on Wednesday night searched the premises of the temporary body of the Pec municipality and detained Momo Dasic.

Source: Tanjug

Dasic is the secretary of the (local) Red Cross from the Red Cross system of Serbia.

Earlier, two other secretaries - in Gracanica and Dragas, Sveta Zivic and Zecir Zurapi - were also detained.

Zivic was also held for questioning, while Zurapi was released.

RTS is reporting that Dasic was taken in for questioning, while Pec Municipality President Milos Dimitrijevic has been summoned to the police to be questioned on Thursday.

In Gracanica and Dragas the police seized Red Cross seals and documents about socially endangered families, in the homes of those detained.

Members of Rosu were also in the premises of Red Cross coordinator for Kosovo and Metohija in northern Kosovska Mitrovica. They burst into the building of the Obilic municipality, in the village of Plemetina, from where they took documents. Nobody was arrested there.

Secretary of the Provincial Red Cross Dragisa Murganic says the reason is a census of the population being carried out in order to produce "the social card," i.e., determine who is in need of humanitarian assistance.

"We renew that every year, but now we need to produce the social card because of the huge changes during the year," Murganic said.

The Kosovo police has given no explanation for the operations carried out in several Serb areas of Kosovo last night. Albanian language media, meanwhile, said that several persons had been arrested, allegedly "for espionage."

According to Kosova Press, anonymous sources from the Kosovo police said that materials had been found "indicating illegal collection of personal data in Kosovo."

Reports on Thursday said that all those detained had been released.


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