"Opposition clashing among themselves, aboard Titanic"

Opposition SDS party leader and ex Serbian president for two terms Boris Tadic says that "only a united opposition could remove Aleksandar Vucic from power."

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

However, he added - the project of "uniting" the opposition against "the current regime" should not be a project to "strengthen or coalesce any one individual party."

"If today the only way to overthrow Vucic is the unification of the opposition, then logically all who consciously or unconsciously work against this unification work for Vucic. All those who with Vucic attack the former government or other oppositionists also do so. All those whose primary ambition is self-promotion and the narrow partisan interest, and who are guided by vanity, without realizing the reality, also unconsciously help Vucic," Tadic told the weekly Nedeljnik.

He said that "victory over Vucic will not happen as long as the struggle for victory within the opposition is taking place."

"Such a fight always turns into a battle for a better place on the political Titanic, which, unfortunately, we have had the opportunity to see in all the elections since 2012," said Tadic.

According to him, there are those who work "consciously" in Vucic's favor - and in agreement with him - but also those who do it "unconsciously."

"(SRS leader Vojislav) Seselj, for example, is not in power, but nevertheless he is Vucic's faithful political partner and, as a member of the opposition, represents instead that radical part of their common past... Much more damage to the opposition is being inflicted by those who unconsciously help Vucic. Opposition leaders such as Seselj are stripped of their role, and therefore do not have the necessary opposition credibility. However, those with such credibility are far more dangerous," Tadic said, according to a Beta report on Thursday.

He added that "today, on the opposition scene, there are those who consciously work in Vucic's favor, and betray the opposition" - due to which, he said, - "it is completely inappropriate for (LDP leader) Cedomir Jovanovic to be lecturing the opposition."

"We all understand his position, because we know the situation he is in. However, it is incredible that he should be offering political and moral lessons to the rest of the opposition - and to those who have not chosen to solve their problems by bending over to Vucic and trampling on their pre-election promises," Tadic said.

The SDS leader added that the DJB Movement leader Sasa Radulovic also has "lectured the opposition - while forgetting that until yesterday he was Vucic's minister who voted in favor of his policy."

As for the forthcoming elections for the Belgrade City Assembly, Tadic said that "one column should certainly be made up of pro-European civic parties that do not want to cooperate with Vucic at any level, and at any price."

"The other columns are not important for the future of Serbia, because their result can only be used by Vucic. So I would separate the column that would be led by the Dveri (Movement). We do not share the same policy with the Dveri in order to be in the same column, but that party shows a clear opposition attitude and can pick up the votes of the electorate that we do not have any influence over," Tadic said.


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