Great powers should not have military bases in Serbia - poll

More than half of Serbian citizens (53 percent) believe that Serbia should not host military bases of any of the great powers.

Source: Tanjug

That is according to a poll carried out by Demostat.

The survey found that 20 percent think that Russia should be allowed this, while two percent picked the US.

It also showed that the majority of respondents, 41 percent, think that Russia is the greatest friend of Serbia, followed by China with six percent, Greece with four percent, Macedonia with three percent, and Montenegro and Germany with two percent each.

On the other hand, when asked in which country, other than Serbia, they would most like to live, and would recommend to their children, the leading countries named are in the West, Tanjug has reported.

Thus, 11 percent of respondents picked Germany, seven percent Switzerland, five percent Austria, Italy and Sweden each, while four percent said they would choose the United States.

To their children, 16 percent of respondents would recommend Germany, 11 percent Switzerland, five percent Austria and the United States each, and four percent Sweden and Norway each.


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