Dacic mentions "exchange of territory"

Foreign Minister and SPS leader Ivica Dacic says critics of his recent statement about Kosovo "want to hand entire Kosovo to Albanians."

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

"I made a clear proposal to delineate between what is Serb and what is Albanian as that is in the interest of both Serbs and Albanians, and the only possible solution," Dacic told Tanjug on Tuesday.

Those who criticize him for "allegedly betraying something with this proposal, or provoking conflict with it" in fact "want to hand over entire Kosovo - because that's how they see internal dialogue," the minister continued.

"Hysterical attacks against me over this proposal show what hypocrites they are," he added.

Dacic also said that Serbia will never accept Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence, but wants a dialogue about a lasting solution.

"That's why these attempts to kill the only possible lasting solution that is in the interests of Serbs and Albanians, and that both Serbs and Albanians accept, are pathetic," Dacic said.

"If the Netherlands and Belgium can exchange territory, if India and Bangladesh can do it, and many others, why should not Serbs and Albanians be allowed, if that guarantees peace in this century," Dacic said.

"The whole world, unfortunately, has dealt with Serbs and Albanians, I suppose I too have the right, too," he added, and stressed that "only an arrangement where everyone gets a little from something they don't want" would represent "compromise."

"Unless my critics think that the Serbs need to lose everything," Dacic said, pointing out that such a thing "is not called a deal."

"It's pathetic that some people think that to be modern, liberal or pro-European, one must necessarily be anti-Serb," said he.


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