Albanian National Council head "sentenced to 40 days"

President of the National Council of Albanians Jonuz Musliu says a Belgrade court has sentenced him to 40 days in prison, and that the ruling is final.

Source: Beta
(Screen capture, file)
(Screen capture, file)

However, Musliu, who also serves as president of the municipal assembly of Bujanovac, said he "does not know" what the ruling refers to.

"I don't know what the punishment is for, but it isn't for displaying the Albanian flag, instead this is about some party activities," he told Beta late on Wednesday.

Musliu then said that he learned about the judgment on Monday, and thinks it was passed "deliberately, as a form of pressure" - adding that he was given three days to pay a fine, or go to prison.

Earlier on Wednesday, local media in Bujanovac said that the Misdemeanor Court in Belgrade sentenced Musliu to 40 days "most likely" because he displayed the flag of Albania on the building the National Council of Albanians in Bujanovac - i.e., that he must serve time in prison now, because he has been avoiding paying the RSD 40,000 (EUR 330) fine for the past two years.

However, a spokesman for the Misdemeanor Appellate Court, Aleksandar Ilic, quickly reacted to say that Musliu had not been sentenced to 40 days in prison.

Ilic said that the Misdemeanor Court in the town of Vranje is in charge, and is yet to rule in this case.

Musliu caused a storm earlier this year when he said that Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was his "president," and that he supports "unification of Albania and Kosovo" - but such that would include parts of central Serbia as well.


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