US "expects Vucic to say whose side Serbia is on"

Aleksandar Vucic's visit to Washington has "principaled significance," writes a Moscow-based daily.

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is because the Serbian president is "expected to have a clear answer to the question about the priorities of Belgrade's foreign policy, " states an article published by Kommersant, and cited by the Beta agency on Monday.

Analysts are further quoted as assessing that Belgrade's opportunities to balance between the West and Russia are decreasing, and recalls that the visit is the first since Serbia's new president took office.

"They don't hide it in Washington that this visit will be a kind of a moment truth," said the article.

"Under the conditions of the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West, a clear answer to the question whose side it is on is expected from Serbia, which the United States considers the key state in the Balkans," the paper writes.

Kommersant then cites "Western diplomatic circles in the Balkans" as saying that "key topics of discussion could be the delivery of Russian weapons (to Serbia), the prospect of granting diplomatic status to Russian personnel at the Humanitarian Center in Nis, as well as harmonization of Serbia's foreign policy with EU policy in relation to Russia."

The daily writes that this information was "confirmed by the decision of the US Congress that the Pentagon should regularly report on Serbian-Russian military cooperation."

According to the article, "most Serbian experts" are "convinced that in current conditions, Belgrade's ability to balance between Russia and the West are becoming increasingly limited."


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