Kosovo "to form army in partnership with Albania, Croatia"

Alibin Kurti, a candidate for Kosovo prime minister, claims that a new government in Pristina will form an army "in partnership with Albania and Croatia".

Source: Tanjug
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"Previous initiatives to form the army have hit an international wall," Kurti said during a debate on Thursday evening broadcast by the Klan Kosova TV, the KoSSev website reported.

"Our government will not surprise international factors, but will surprise criminals," said he.

Speaking about the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces into the Kosovo army initiated by Kosovo President Hashim Thaci through legislative rather than constitutional changes - the latter being the only way acceptable to the international community, which is why, Pristina believes, this transformation was stopped - Kurti said that "Thaci's problem was that he surprised everybody."

"In the end, it turned out that it was not serious, and he gave up on it," Kurti said.

He added that if he becomes PM, his government would "immediately begin forming the army, but this does not mean it can be done overnight."

"An army can be disbanded, but not formed overnight. You cannot form an army without talking to Tirana and without talking to NATO. It makes no sense to form the Kosovo army to the surprise of our allies and partners," Kurti concluded.

KoSSev further quoted Klan Kosova as reporting that although Kurti's Self-Determination came in second in the June 11 elections, the party "created the biggest surprise and the best result with 200,138 votes" while Kurti himself was "the candidate who won the most votes - 143,642."


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