Final results of Kosovo elections; Serb List to complain

The Central Election Commission of Kosovo on Thursday announced the final results of the June 11 early elections for the Kosovo assembly.

Source: B92, Beta

According to the results, the coalition made up of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), the Initiative for Kosovo has won 39 seats, the Self-Determination Movement has 32, while the coalition of Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK), the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), and the Alternative Initiative has 29.

Ramush Haradinaj is the candidate for prime minister of the PDK-led coalition, but both the Self-Determination Movement and the coalition gathered around the LDK have ruled out the possibility of supporting him.

AFP is reporting that the Self-Determination has called on the LDK to form a coalition and send President Hashim Thaci's DPK to the opposition.

Haradinaj, who will head the largest group in the Assembly, will have 15 days to secure a majority after Thaci gives him mandate to do so.

According to the final results, Serb (Srpska) List has won nine out of ten seats in the Assembly guaranteed for the Serb community.

Serb List leader Slavko Simic has announced complaints against these results, because "over a thousand conditional votes have been annulled in northern Kosovo."

Simic told Beta that in addition, the votes of candidates processed by members of election boards and the municipal election commission in Kosovo Polje have not been registered.

"If the appeals panel fails to accept our complaints that we will file with the Central Election Commission tomorrow (Friday), then it could easily happen that the Serb List will not accept this electoral process, which has been obviously repressive toward the Serb List and our voters from the very beginning," Simic said.


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