"Nikolic's Office to cost one million euros per month"

The Office of the Council for Cooperation with Russia and China, headed by Tomislav Nikiolic, "will cost Serbian citizens around one million euros per month."

Source: Blic
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is what Belgrade-based daily Blic writes on Thursday.

According to the article, 30 full-time employees, associates of the former president, will work there. The newspaper said it learned that Nikolic asked for "even more employees but the final number of 30 is envisaged in the decision on the maximum number of employees in the state organs system for 2017 that the government adopted recently."

"The work of the entourage that was until recently in Adricev Venac," continued Blic, "will still be financed by tax payers of Serbia. What stands out is that this new business child of Nikolic will have more employees that much more important state institutions that do important work for citizens of Serbia."

According to "preliminary calculation" the work of "Nikolic's new office" will cost one million euros per month. The preliminary calculation, the daily said, was done by "expert services of the Serbian government."

"The problem is that these expenses were not envisaged in earlier plans of spending from the state coffers, that is the budget for 2017, because the Office for Cooperation wiht Russia and China was established only later. Now, it is not known how to finance Nikolic's Office because their is no money in the budget for that purpose," said Blic.


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