"We won't join NATO, or any other alliance" - Dacic

Serbia is pursuing a policy of military neutrality and has no aspirations to join NATO or any other military alliance.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Serbia's Acting prime minister and FM Ivica Dacic told this to a delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Economics and Security Committee Tuesday.

Cooperation with NATO is successfully under way through the Partnership for Peace program, he said during a meeting that discussed "topics of vital importance for Serbia - the process of European integration, regional cooperation and the relations of Serbia with Russia and China," the government announced.

The delegation was led by Chairman of the Subcommittee on Transition and Development of the Committee on Economics and Security Menno Knip, and included President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Paolo Alli "and distinguished delegates from member states and partners of NATO," the government said.

Dacic "briefed his interlocutors on the process of Serbia's European integration, regional cooperation, as well as on Serbia's relations with the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

Regarding Serbia's cooperation with NATO, he reiterated that Serbia is implementing a policy of military neutrality, that it has no aspirations for membership in NATO, as well as to membership in any other military alliance, and that cooperation with NATO is successfully conducted through the Partnership for Peace.

Dacic pointed out that Serbia has successful cooperation with KFOR and underlined that the presence of KFOR in the same composition is very important to maintain the security and survival of the Serbian and other non-Albanian communities in Kosovo and Metohija, and said Serbia was committed to cooperation in the region in order to preserve its stability and enable overall economic development.


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