"Lawsuit against NATO has no chance of succeeding"

A group of doctors and lawyers intending to sue NATO for the 199 bombing of Serbia "has no chance of winning."

Izvor: Danas
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)

This is what Belgrade-based Danas is reporting, citing its interlocutors.

Such a chance does not exist without the fundamental research that the group refers to, said the article.

The special team, as they calls themselves, intends to prove a link between the increase in most serous diseases, especially cancer, and NATO's use of depleted uranium during the bombing.

Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, minister without portfolio in charge of demographics and population policy, told the daily that the impact of depleted uranium on health is an answer yet to be provided by experts who deal with radiation, not by ad hoc groups.

"It requires a very extensive research and taking a professional stance that has nothing to do with politics. As for the NATO bombing, tons and tons of bombs were dropped on Serbia, it is the largest civilizational disgrace of those who have done it without the decision of the UN Security Council. Would it be fair to get compensation? It would be. But I think that processes should be launched when the prerequisites are created for that response to be positive, not merely to be saying like Calimero - 'it's an injustice'," said Djukic Dejanovic.

Lawyer Goran Petronijevic is of a similar opinion. He believes that the state and its institutions should stand behind an extensive research into the effects of depleted uranium and other bombs dropped on Serbia.

"It is certain that large quantities of depleted uranium had been used, that it has certain adverse effects, many experts say, even fatal. Some causal connection between certain diseases and depleted uranium exists, but what, and to what extent, the answer must be provided by science. It is the state's fault that experts have not yet provided the answer to this question, because serious, extensive research costs a lot. And it should be financed by the state," Petronijevic said.

The lawyer added that it was another question why the state has not done this to date.

"What are the institutions embarrassed about? What are they afraid of? Are they under pressure, or have they faltered due to some other circumstances, I do not know. It's possible this is due to the plans of future Euro-integration, so this shouldn't be talked about to avoid additionally setting people against NATO," said Petronijevic.

He added that as a lawyer, he thought it was safer to go into the case against NATO with completed research, rather than conducting it on the fly during the process.


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