"It isn't realistic for RS to become independent"

SANU President Vladimir Kostic has told the daily Danas that it is not realistic for Bosnia's Serb entity, the Serb Republic (RS), to become independent.

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Kostic said that this "brings with it almost identical risks that, when read wrongly, and lacking 'friends', resulted in the disappearance of the Serb population from their centuries-old areas."

"Patiently and persistently building democratic institutions of the RS, the use of a common cultural, academic and scientific space, enrichment of economic ties with Serbia, which would be sincerely open also to citizens of other ethnic groups, it seems to me that is the best defense of the Serb presence in the cross-Drina region," he said.

The president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) also said that any responsible person is especially concerned about the fate of the remaining Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija "and the future of our cultural and art heritage."

"We, as SANU, before last year's decision of UNESCO, wrote to over 50 national academies or their associations in an attempt to explain the ongoing process of a violent change of the cultural context," Kostic said, of Pristina's failed 2015 attempt to join UNESCO.

According to him, the most striking was a series of courtesy replies that came "with complete indifference and lack of interest."

Kostic said it was "another story" that some understanding of the problem came from unexpected places.


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