"Pro-Darwin" bishop reportedly under fire at SPC Assembly

According to a newspaper report, the SPC Assembly started with "an attack" on Bishop Maksim and professors of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology.

Izvor: Blic
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

The Belgrade-based daily Blic is reporting this, noting that the bishop and the professors signed an appeal against a petition calling for "abolishment of Darwin's theory."

The article says that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Assembly started on Monday - "but during one session, instead of togetherness, everything turned into intolerance and a lack of understanding."

The target was SPC Bishop of Western America Maksim, "who together with colleagues from the Faculty" stood against the petition that wants Darwin's theory of evolution removed from Serbia's school curriculum.

In some Church circles this was understood as the belief of the signatories from the SPC in "Darwin's theory of genesis," Blic said. The article goes on to say that "the surprise was that, judging by the events at the Assembly, some bishops have either understood this, or used the appeal as an excuse to attack Bishop Maxim."

"Preparations to attack Bishop Maksim started before the Assembly, when professors at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology were warned that they made a mistake by spokinge publicly against abolishing Darwin's theory. For that reason they were characterized as those who do not believe in the Holy Scripture and in their faith in the Lord," Blic writes.

"The polemic continued during the Assembly, outside of its agenda, while Bishop Maksim has been marked as a Darwinist - which practically means that he believes humans came from monkeys, not from the Lord, as the Church teaches. Bishop Amfilohije was the loudest, while the debate came to a request to analyze the said appeal against the abolishment of Darwin's theory word by word," the article said.


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