"There were no women and children, there was no massacre"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says it is "obvious that lies had led to the intervention of the international community and the bombing of Serbia in 1999."

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

"There was an organized story since the formation of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) until the legitimization of their objectives," Dacic told RTS.

He thinks the former head of the OSCE Verification Mission in Kosovo William Walker is the creator of "a false motive for the (NATO) bombing" - while lies about the events in the village of Racak" only served to justify the intervention of the international community."

"They were just waiting for some event to encourage the international community to intervene militarily. Racak served that purpose.... I'm not saying the international community should not have played its role, but it should not have lied," said the minister.

According to Beta, he "recalled that in 1999, negotiations were not conducted in Brussels, instead international organizations played an active role in Kosovo."

He also pointed out that "it happened in the past that it would be discovered later everything had not been 'quite so'," and mentioned the belated admission that there were not weapons of mass distribution in Iraq among such cases.

"Racak did not see the truth announced," said Dacic.

He denied allegations of "beheaded children and women" in that Kosovo village and pointed out that civilians were not killed there.

"There were no women and children, there was no massacre," said Dacic.

He said that "no one is disputes that people died, that there were victims" but that the events in Kosovo were also exaggerated, "such as statements that 100,000 Albanians had been killed, while the Red Cross confirmed there were about 11,000 victims in Kosovo, including Serbs."


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