Serbia to turn to UN over Walker's statement

Belgrade will address the UN because of a statement made by the former head of the OSCE verification mission in Kosovo.

Source: Beta, Vecernje Novosti, RTS
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This comes after reports that William Walker spoke about his work on a project of creating the Greater Albania.

According to the daily Vecernje Novosti, Serbian Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic will inform UN member states about "the disgraceful role of the creator of the Racak case" that was used to launch NATO's 1999 aggression against Serbia - who is now an Albanian lobbyist and one of the authors of a plan to change the borders in the Balkans.

Minister without portfolio Jadranka Jankovic, who is in charge of EU integration, confirmed this for RTS.

"Of course. We should turn to (the UN). The 'Greater Albania' project is not only Serbia's problem. It includes the territory of several countries in the Balkans, and I think all of us need to be concerned," Joksimovic said.

According to her, Walker's statement is proof that the Greater Albania project is not merely flirted with at election time, but is instead "something that exists."

"I think we have good, extra arguments in our hands to show to the EU," Jankovic said.

Commenting on announcements that former special UN envoy for Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari, and former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright could join Pristina's team in negotiations with Belgrade, Joksimovic said that "lobbying exists and is legitimate" - but that the mention of these particular figures was "indicative."

"It is indicative that these are the people who were, during their mandates, directly connected to the events that produced a number of changes that were to the detriment of Serbia. We now can see that it is a very indicative choice," she said.

Joksimovic also said that citizens "should not worry" - and that the diplomatic position Serbia is "increasingly better."

"We work and we are active. And our diplomatic position is increasingly better," said Joksimovic.

On Monday, Serbian Prime Minister and President-elect Aleksandar Vucic commented on the developments, referring to Walker as "a Greater Albania lobbyist."


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