Ex-OSCE mission chief has plan for "Albanian unification"

William Walker, former head of an OSCE mission in Kosovo, says he has come up with a unification project for Albanians - "in Kosovo, Albania, and in diaspora."

Source: Tanjug
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The American, who spoke during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the founding of Ramush Haradinaj's party, noted that he has been coming to Kosovo often since 1999.

His only goal, he added, is for Kosovo "to continue with the steps that everyone has been awaiting since 1999."

This time, Walker was in Kosovo to present "a new project that he has been working on," the media in Pristina have reported, according to RTS.

"This project that I'm working on is meant for all Albanians in Kosovo, in diaspora, in Albania. I'm working on a joint project, on their unification. Albanians worldwide were united in the 1990s with the sole purpose of the liberation of Kosovo. I was with them when they declared independence. Albanians have won and they came to celebrate together, now is the time after the independence, for the final step, for us all to be together, to accomplish this achievement," Walker has been quoted as saying.

In its report, RTS noted that Walker is known for heading the OSCE "verification mission" in the province whose activities and reports during 1998 and 1999 influenced the public opinion abroad in favor of launching a war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), which eventually happened in March 1999.

Earlier that year the bodies of 45 Albanians were discovered in the village of Racak. The Walker-led OSCE mission accused Serbian security forces for killing them without presenting any evidence - although it was never determined whether the victims were in fact civilians.

Reports coming from the Serbian side said that Albanian terrorists - members of the KLA - were the ones killed in Racak, but in the West, the event was qualified as a crime against civilians, used as an excuse to launch NATO's bombing of Serbia.

A statuette of Walker was unveiled in this Kosovo village in January 2017, in his presence, and that of Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and former Kosovo President Behgjet Pacolli.


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