"Threats of war were made unless Haradinaj was released"

Arnaud Gouillon, who has been helping Serbs in Kosovo for years, says he is currently working on sending 42 children from Serb enclaves on vacation.

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The French humanitarian, who in 2015 received a Serbian passport, said he was also involved in preparing a convoy of humanitarian aid that will depart for Kosovo and Metohija in the coming days, and, together with the Serbian Orthodox Church's Diocese of Raska and Prizren, in a major project to build a pig farm near Novo Brdo.

Speaking about the security of Serbs in Kosovo, he said that the situation is now better than 13 years ago, but noted that there are sill many attacks and much tension, and that returnees in Metohija villages are targeted by extremists as an example to others not to return.

Had Ramush Haradinaj not been released last week, "there could have been incidents," Gouillon said , "as many, including Haradinaj, have made threats of war and pogroms."

"That's dangerous. The problem in Kosovo is not only the economic situation. Many say that Serbs live hard in central Serbia, too. That's true, but when you build a house central Serbia, you know that it will surely be there for the next 50 years, but when you build a house in Kosovo you are constantly in fear that someone will burn it, or that you'll have to leave it," he told TV Pink.

Gouillon will on Thursday give a lecture dubbed "A different view" at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade - because, as he says, he has "a different view of Serbia than the French, but also often than many Serbs."


Dacic asks Gambia to review Kosovo decision

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic on Friday invited his Gambian counterpart Ousainou Darboe to reconsider Gambia's decision to recognize Kosovo.

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