SNS would take over 50 pct in parliamentary elections - poll

Serbia's ruling Progressives (SNS) would win 53 pct of the vote if early parliamentary elections were held on Sunday, according to a poll published on Friday.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

The Faktor Plus survey shows that the ruling Socialists (SPS) and the opposition Democrats (DS) would win 9.1 and 8.3 percent, respectively.

The only other party to cross the 5-percent threshold and win seats in the National Assembly would be the opposition Radicals (SRS), who could count on 7.3 percent.

According to the poll, below the threshold are the DBJ Movement (4.7 percent) and the Dveri Movement (3 percent), while "all other parties combined would receive 14.6 percent."

If elections were held on Sunday, 41 percent of citizens would turn out to vote, while 39 percent said they would not. The rest replied that they "did not know."

The first post-presidential election poll, that included 1,150 respondents, is regular monthly surveys published by Faktor Plus.

The poll did not show the rating of a new political movement whose creation has been announced by Sasa Jankovic, who finished second in the presidential race.


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