Ukraine bans Serb Radical Party officials from entry

Ukraine's security service has decided to impose a 5-year ban on entry into the country on five members of Serbia's opposition Serb Radical Party (SRS).

Source: Tanjug
The SRS party symbols (Tanjug, file)
The SRS party symbols (Tanjug, file)

Ukraine's ambassador to Serbia, Oleksandr Aleksandrovych, confirmed this in a statement on Thursday, that named the SRS members as Aleksandar Seselj, Milovan Bojic, and Dubravka Bojic.

In а written statement sent to the media, Aleksandrovych said that they - along with representatives of other Serbian parties - took part in the "so-called celebrations" on the occasion of Russia's "annexation of Crimea."

As they did this, the Serbians in question also "openly and officially declared themselves in favor of supporting Crimea and recognizing it as a Russian territory, and called for establishing bilateral contacts between Serbia and Crimea."

The Ukrainian diplomat pointed out that the said persons "violated Ukraine's Law on Temporarily Occupied Territories."

"We did all we could on our side to avoid such situations, which surely do not contribute to our friendly relations, but the ignoring of (Ukraine's) laws and our appeals is obvious by the said politicians, who are also people's deputies (members) of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia," the statement said.

The statement added that "the same measure" was enacted against representatives of other countries who took part in the celebrations, and who in this way "violated Ukraine's law."

In his statement, the ambassador stressed that Ukraine would continue to "condemn each attempt to violate the law of the land, regardless of who the perpetrator of the crime is."

"And also, we will make our best effort not to let other countries spoil historically good friendly relations between the two peoples, which, unlike some others, never betrayed or let down one another," Aleksandrovych said.


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