Kosovo: Prosecutor to coordinate cases targeting journalists

The OSCE in Kosovo has reacted to the decision to assign a prosecutor to coordinate cases involving threats and crimes against journalists.

Source: B92
(OSCE, file)
(OSCE, file)

The head of mission, Jan Braathu, said in a statement that he "welcomes the official decision by the Kosovo Chief Prosecutor, Aleksander Lumezi, to assign a prosecutor from his Office to the position of coordinator in charge of threats and criminal cases against journalists."

The decision, which entered into force on Thursday "also obliges chief prosecutors of Basic Prosecutions to assign a prosecutor to deal with all reported cases in which journalists are injured parties. "

The decision follows recent public debate on the safety of journalists, where media actors, including associations of journalists and Prosecutor Lumezi, discussed prospects for increased cooperation, the overall situation pertaining to the safety of journalists, including their protection and criminal prosecution of cases involving journalists, and shedding light on cases of murdered and missing journalists during and since the conflict, Braathu said.

"The decision was presented yesterday (Wednesday) at a meeting between the chief prosecutor and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo," he noted.

The OSCE Mission "congratulates the Prosecutor’s Office and Association of Journalists on this important decision which will significantly improve the protection of journalists in Kosovo."


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