"Serbia is full of people on Russian payroll"

"When Serbian politicians jubilate foreign states they offend everyone who experiences Serbia as their state."

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is according to LSV leader and presidential candidate Nenad Canak.

In a statement for the media on Monday, Canak said that he "observed that the arsenal of insults that politicians use one against the other" does not contain "anyone ever calling somebody a Russian mercenary - as if Russia is not a foreign country."

But, Canak continued - "Serbia is full of those who are in a way on the Russian payroll."

He also noted there was "jubilation of Russia" recently in the streets of Podgorica, "during the failed coup."

"And, as recently as yesterday, we saw in the hall of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia the same scenario announced by one of the darkest apparitions of the past. Jubilating a foreign state in the parliament of the Republic of Serbia offends the feelings of everyone who experiences Serbia as their state," Canak stressed.

He emphasized that "a responsible politician is under obligation to tell citizens the truth, no matter how hard the truth may be."


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