FM: We're unhappy with pace of EU negotiations

Ivica Dacic says the pace of Serbia's EU membership talks "does not reflect its actual progress in reforms and regulation of relations with its neighbors."

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

"I am pleased with our approach to the negotiations, but I'm not satisfied with the number of negotiation chapters that have been closed and opened," said Serbian foreign minister, and added:

"It seems to me that the pace of the opening negotiation chapters does not reflect the real situation, how much Serbia itself has actually done, but instead to what degree (EU) members agree. Croatia blocked us late last year and I have no illusions that this will not happen again."

In an interview for the Ljubljana daily Dnevnik published on Tuesday Dacic said that Serbia is committed to dialogue, but "cannot accept that someone humiliates it for no reason and with no arguments."

"We want the disputes (with Croatia) to be overcome by peaceful, political and diplomatic means, as in the case of Sarajevo and Pristina," Dacic said and called on Croatia to distance itself from the phenomenon of the rehabilitation of Ustashism and the Nazi-allied WW2 creation Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

In the upcoming presidential elections in Serbia, Dacic expects Aleksandar Vucic's "convincing victory in the first round" and "the maintaining of political unity."

"We need unity, and it can be secured only by Vucic with his victory in the first round of the presidential elections," he said.

Dacic also said that "what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija is contrary to the values ​​of the EU" and that Pristina could destabilize the region with its injudicious actions.

"When we talk about the situation in our part of Europe, unfortunately, we must continue to use the word 'fragile', particularly in view of Kosovo and Metohija. Serbia is committed to constructive dialogue and resolution of outstanding issues exclusively by political and diplomatic means," the Serbian minister told the Slovenian newspaper.


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