Serbian PM receives leader of Serb party from Montenegro

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Monday received President of the New Serb Democracy party from Montenegro Andrija Mandic.

Source: B92

The Serbian government said on its website that the meeting came "as part of regular consultations with political representatives of Serbs from the region."

According to the same source, Mandic "expressed gratitude to Vucic for the continuous support and aid of the Serbian government to the Serbian institutions in Montenegro."

He also "launched an initiative to help Montenegrin citizens who live in Serbia, and whose many rights are violated in their motherland of Montenegro."

As an example of blatant violation of their rights, Mandic "pointed out that they are the only ones who do not have the right to vote in the elections, the same as in the 2006 referendum."

Mandic asked for help of the Serbian government and municipalities in southern Serbia where Bosniaks (Muslims) live, so that misunderstandings from the past could be solved in a similar way in Montenegro, the Serbian government said.


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