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KFOR denies that Serbian soldiers entered Kosovo

KFOR on Friday denied media reports that said members of the Serbian Army (VS) had entered Kosovo, Beta is reporting.

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, illustration purposes, file)

Koha Ditore, an Albanian language daily, quoted these reports that said the Serbian soldiers, while in Kosovo, "allegedly took pictures with U.S. members of KFOR."

The Pristina-based newspaper asked KFOR whether the Serbian media reports to this effect were correct. The NATO-led international peacekeeping force responded by saying that the photographs were not made "inside the territory of Kosovo."

Instead, they said, the photographs were made "on the line between Serbia and Kosovo" - while the soldiers were taking part in the joint activities conducted regularly in the area by KFOR and the VS.

Previously, some Belgrade-based media published a photo showing about 15 armed VS and U.S. army soldiers posing together in combat gear, running the report under the headline, "Serbian Army entered Kosovo."

According to the reports, the photo was made on December 16 in northern Kosovo, during a joint patrol. U.S. sergeant Caleb Bario, one of the soldiers in the patrol, reportedly took the photo and published it originally.