DS leader denounces president over Kosovo comment

Opposition DS party leader Dragan Sutanovac has accused President Tomislav Nikolic of "rehashing more conflicts and leading Serbs in Kosovo into new risks."

Source: Beta
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According to Sutanovac, Nikolic is doing this with his "warmongering statements."

The DS leader thinks that the president should instead "calm the passions" and "caution" the prime minister over the Belgrade-Kosovska Mitrovica train, that he referred to as "a grotesque railbus."

"Nikolic has proven himself as a voivide in the front lines during the 1990s, while today he wants to send other people's children into another war lost in advance. From where it was gone with tanks due to his policy Serbs returned with tractors," Sutanovac said in a written statement carried by Beta on Monday.

Sutanovac also said this was the reason Serbia needs a president who will control the executive branch and the government but also serve as "a lighthouse of a European future."

This reaction came after the president, responding to journalists' questions, said he was prepared to send the army to Kosovo if the lives of Serbs living there were endangered.


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