Leader of opposition Montenegrin party visits Belgrade

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic met on Wednesday in Belgrade with President of the New Serb Democracy from Montenegro Andrija Mandic.

Source: srbija.gov.rs

On that occasion, Mandic "pointed out to the extremely difficult position of the Serb people in Montenegro and asked for help from the Serbian government in the internationalization and the presentation of such a situation to the international community," the Serbian government said.

He also requested assistance for Serbian cultural and national institutions in Montenegro, stressing that Serbia has so far, in accordance with its capabilities, supported their work.

Vucic said that the Serbian government is committed to "the best possible relations between Serbia and Montenegro and is doing everything in its power to be a factor of stability in the framework of regional policy."

He also "pointed out that the Serbian government will help all the relevant institutions of the Serbian people in Montenegro and that it will help the Serbs in Montenegro. "

Mandic "thanked Vucic for this attitude and help, adding that Serbs in Montenegro see official Belgrade and the Serbian government as the most important political and national partners that they can and must rely on."


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